Kind of a quiet year as far as sailing went. 

We skipped the boat show as it was beginning to feel rather redundant. Seems we look at the same thing each year. I know we will go back though as it is a nice winter break. 


The kitchen is not the best sail loft but would have to do for inspection and some repair to both the main and genoa.

As you can see our telltales have become a little worn so replacement was needed.

New ones look a lot cleaner and crisper. Should help with sail trim?
(Only if I look at them.)

Anita and Gertie also restitched the genoa subrella cover with Gertie's powerful sewing machine.

I redid most of the exterior wood with Cetol teak light. I really like this stuff for both appearance and durability.

     Anita and I did a lot of cleaning as well and then of course bottom paint. (VC 17)


As usual we used Dad's trusty truck to tow Sea Sprite. 


The trip and launch went as planned.  After all the usual cussing and griping over putting the mast up.
It was actually a fairly uneventful launch we had her a the dock in four hours. 
As you can see many launched before us. We did not get in until May 26. This is the latest we have been in a long time.

Lots of company at the dock early in the season.

On one of are early season sails we met up with Scott and Winnie who snapped this picture as we sailed side and side.

                                          We snapped a few shots of them as well.

Sunset in one of our favorite anchorages.
No green flash seen.

At last we installed a bimini. We both love it. Should have done this years ago.  Unlike our sunshade we can now sail with both sails and still have shade.

Long Point drone?

Always lots of wildlife around.

In July my Father passed away.  Sadly missed but fondly remembered.

I bought his trusty truck so Sea Sprite and it remain together.

          Long Point evening wear. Very formal on the boat. (Just ignore that small fish.)

                          A few shots of other boats we see around the Bay.

Very pretty Tug.

MacGregor 25

Watchful eye

CS 22

                       Gertie joined us for a sail in the fall. (early September)

       We enjoyed a fun sail to St. Williams and back to the Old Cut. Of course we stopped in the weeds for  refreshments.

                              Mid September      Time to bring her home.


Preparing to drop the mast.  All went fairly well and we were soon on our way home.


                          And as Gerry says " It's about the adventure."
 Just outside of Tillsonburg the front tire looses air rapidly. The sidewall blew out.  

This is why we almost always tow with a chase vehicle. The spare was also very flat.  I had to quickly run to Tillsonburg with the flat to find a new tire. Only place open as it was late Saturday afternoon, was Canadian Tire and surprise they actually had a tire.

          New tire mounted and still time to get home before dark.


          We sailed a total of 196 nm and slept over 6 nights   

           More adventure next season I'm sure.